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VEVOR 5W Laser Engraver Output Laser Engraving Machine 16.1″ x 15.7″ Large Working Area 10000mm/min Movement Speed




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    Your All-in-One Laser Engraver
    Laser engraver a100 1. 4
    Experience outstanding performance and versatility with our laser engraving machine, perfect for both personal DIY projects and small-scale businesses. Achieve precise cutting and engraving with ease.
    Laser engraver a100 2. 2
    Enjoy high-precision engraving and cutting capabilities thanks to the compressed laser beam size of 0.08x0.08mm. Create intricate designs on a large 40x40cm engraving area. The stepper motor and synchronous belt drive makes your engraving experience exceptional.
    Laser engraver a100 2. 3
    Our laser wood engraving machine features a user-friendly modular design that allows for quick and hassle-free assembly. No complex installation is required. Get started on your projects in no time.
    Laser engraver a100 2. 4
    Seamlessly connect our laser engraver to your computer using the USB interface. It supports popular laser engraving software like LightBurn and LaserGRBL (compatible with iOS, Windows, or Linux systems). Our engraver is perfect for wood, plastic, acrylic, leather, stainless steel, etc.
    Laser engraver a100 2. 5
    The emergency stop switch ensures quick response in case of any unexpected situations. The UV filter protects your eyes from 97% ultraviolet harmful light. Our wood engraving machine meets CE and FCC safety regulations and holds FDA and IEC 60825 laser product certifications.
    Features & Details
    • Excellent Performance, Reliable Quality: Experience exceptional performance with our laser engraver. With 5W laser power, it effortlessly engraves and cuts over 100 types of materials. Enjoy cutting-edge features like a laser head lifespan of over 10,000 hours(at 80% power) and a spacious 410x400mm engraving area. Perfect for both commercial and personal DIY use.

    • Precision and Craftsmanship Combined: Our laser engraving machine features innovative laser technology and spot compression, delivering faster and more accurate results for all your engraving needs. The 0.08x0.08mm laser beam size ensures concentrated energy and finer, easier engraving and cutting. With a stepper motor and synchronous belt drive, it achieves high-speed engraving up to 10,000mm/min. Enjoy the ultimate engraving experience.

    • Simplified Design for Easy Assembly: Designed for convenient assembly and durability, this glass laser engraving machine adopts a modular design for easy user assembly. We provide detailed part numbering and assembly instructions, ensuring a stress-free setup. Get started within 20 minutes and start creating your masterpieces. The design of the adjustable screw allows for convenient and accurate focusing.

    • User-Friendly and Compatible: Our laser wood engraving machine boasts excellent software compatibility, connecting to your computer via USB. It is compatible with popular laser engraving software like LightBurn and LaserGRBL (supports iOS, Windows, or Linux systems). Engrave a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, paper, leather, fabric, stainless steel, and glass etching. Let your artistic ideas come to life effortlessly.

    • Designed with You in Mind: Our wood engraving machine features a built-in emergency stop switch so that you can ensure security and peace of mind during operation. The UV filter protects your eyes by filtering out 97% of harmful light. The cable management system keeps your workspace organized. Our product complies with CE and FCC safety regulations, and holds FDA and IEC 60825 laser product certifications, ensuring a secure engraving experience.

    Laser engraver a100 1. 11


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    CZECH REPUBLIC, Poland, United States, GERMANY, spain, Australia, Russian Federation, france, Mexico, canada



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    Mainland China





    Main Material

    Aluminum Alloy

    Laser Wavelength

    450-460mm Blue Light

    Computer Connection


    Air-Assist Function

    Support/No Air Pump

    Operating Software

    Light Burn/LaserGRBL

    Item Weight

    8.8lbs/ 3.98kg