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Stainless Steel Leather Stitching Punch Aid Plate Cutting Distance Ruler for Pricking Iron or Lace Chisel Leather Tools Supplies




    When making holes for sewing in the leather with pricking iron or lacing chisel,if you encounter tricky leather, you have to shake the chisel many times to pull it out, we hate this! so we would use any tool at hand, a piece of wood, a ruler, or even a fork to press down on the leather. If you are not careful,you will also crumple the leather.

    when you need to pulling up the chisel, surround the chisel with the slot of the aid Plate, which can press down and hold the leather, which is handy and time-saver.

    The leather stitching punch aid plate is made of 2mm stainless steel, the surface and edges are Burnished, the slot width is 4mm, which can be applied to most pricking iron or lacing chisels, and that there are stitch measures marked on the slot,we also add a removable screw for easy use and storage.

    Great tools lead to great work moods!if you're a leather hand stitcher, you don't know how much you've needed it until you try it.



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    Aid Plate – A, Aid Plate – B


    Stainless Steel

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    Mainland China