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HTVRONT 15x15in 1500w Auto Heat Press Machine Automatic Pressure DIY Iron On HTV Vinyl Sublimation for T-shirt Bag Fabric Cricut




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    1. The automatic hot press machine is different from the market that needs to be manually pressed with a very large force. From ironing to completion of the project, you only need to set the corresponding temperature and time, and you can complete it with one key;
    2.Perfect pressure sensing, (the ironing product will automatically adjust the corresponding pressure during the pressing process and start working), the maximum ironing thickness is 2.5cm (1inch), which is different from the current manual machines that need to manually adjust the pressure, and Whether the pressure adjustment is suitable depends on the feeling;
    3.Easy-to-Operate Machine, only one key is needed to let the machine complete the whole process of ironing and opening, and the customer does not need to assemble and other tedious operations when receiving the product, just plug in the power and start the corresponding , you can start to enjoy the production process;
    4.Safety and convenience of use:The heating area is completely staggered from the placement area, so that users can freely and safely make their own projects without worrying about the existing large-scale hot press heating plate hindering production and the risk of burns, and the design above the heating plate is multi-functional. Layers of thermal insulation protection material, the surface reaches a safe and touchable temperature, allowing users to avoid the risk of scalding when touching, and enjoy the whole process of DIY fun and production safely and safely;
    5. The size of the heating plate of the machine is:15*15inch. Perfect for craftsmen's creations, from small productions to large production projects;
    6.Maximum temperature: 210 degrees Cricut Autopress—205, the ultimate heating experience, the machine is efficient and energy-saving, perfectly avoids the energy loss of the machine during the heating process, and fully saves the customer's production time and energy costs;
    7.Continuous ironing mode: When the customer needs to make a large number of the same works at one time, they can click the auto button. After the startup is successful, the customer only needs to place the items on the board and push the board into the machine, it will automatically start and complete the ironing Work;
    8. Timed shutdown function, when it is detected that the machine has no operation within 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down the machine. For safety protection, the product is equipped with an overcurrent protection fuse and an overheating protection fuse. When the machine detects overheating, it will automatically stop heating. Safe and reliable to protect the use of customers.

    Heat Plate:15*15in
    Output Power:1500w
    Maximum Temperature Charging Current:410"F (210"C)
    Power Cord :6A


    Cotton х HTV: 0:00-1:52

    Polyester х Sublimation Paper: 1:53-3:19

    Mat (with Cotton S30%) х Sublimation Paper: 3:20-5:33

    Ceramic (with Sublimation Coating) х Sublimation Paper: 5:34-8:01

    Wood х Sublimation Paper: 8:03-10:14

    Synthetic Wood х Sublimation Paper: 10:15-13:12

    Coated Metal х Sublimation Paper: 13:13-17:10

    Cotton х Heat Transfer Paper: 17:11-18:20

    Coated Glass х Sublimation Paper: 18:21-22:11

    Package include:
    1x Auto Heat Press Machine
    1x Heat Press Mat
    1x Product Manual



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    HTVRONT Auto Press Machine

    Auto Heat Press Machine

    be used for

    both sublimation and ironing

    Iron on

    for T-shirt Bag Hat Fabric

    Maximum Temperature

    410"F (210"C)






    1x Heat Press Mat

    Output Power