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Cricut Cake Accessories – CHOOSE – Rolling Pin, Brushes, Spatulas, Aprons, etc




    Unleash your passion for baking and enhance your culinary experience with our array of Cricut Cake Accessories. Step up your cake-making game with our essential tools:

    1) The Cricut Rolling Pin - A solid, non-stick surface perfect for rolling out fondant or dough evenly, giving your cakes a smooth finish. Its ergonomic handles ensure easy usage and the roller is easy to clean.

    2) Set of expert Brushes - These food-safe brushes are designed for delicate cake decorating. Their flexible bristles allow for precise detailing and smooth application of edible glitter, gel color, or luster dust, enabling you to add professional-level intricate design to your baked goodies.

    3) High-quality Spatulas - A baker's best friend, these spatulas are perfect for mixing, lifting, spreading frosting or ganache, and more. Their flexible, yet sturdy material handles delicate icing designs without ruining your craft.

    4) Cricut Aprons - Serve your cake creations in style. These classy aprons not only keep your clothes clean but also add a pinch of flair to your baking process. They're made of durable material and are easily washable.

    5) More! - Our range certainly doesn't stop here, explore more of our Cricut Cake Accessories collection which includes precision cutting knives, icing combs, sculpting sets and much more.

    All our Cricut Cake Accessories are designed to ensure that your cake decorating process is seamless, giving your edibles a polished and professional look. They're food-grade, easy to clean and guarantees a delightful baking experience. Indulge in the art of baking with accessories that simplify your tasks and elevate your skills, giving you cakes that look as delightful as they taste. Baking made easy and stylish - that’s Cricut cake for you.

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    Cricut Cake

    9" Rolling Pin, Wide Spatula, Narrow Spatula, Water Brush, Pastry Brush, Parchment Paper 12-Pack #2000848, Cake Decorating Set Bag #2000789, Recipe Book, White Apron, Adult Apron, Child Apron #2000475, Cream Cover, Brown Cover, 20" Rolling Pin #2000846, White Gum Paste 32 oz., Cricut Head Balloons 12-Pack #2000850, Kitchen Shears #2000790


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