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22W Output Business Engraving Cutting Machine Smart Offline Control AlgoLaser High Power Metal Colorful Engraver Woodworking





    Sd7ac8baa616e49148fc853a9df571482oModel: Algolaser Delta 22W

    Laser Luminous Power:22W

    Laser Electric Power:75W

    Laser Spot Size:0.16*0.14mm 100% Power/0.06*0.05mm 3% Power

    Focal Length:55mm

    Max Engraving Speed:30000mm/min

    Movement Speed:40000mm/min

    Working Area:440*415mm

    Air Pump Output Volume:30L/min

    Connection Method:TF Card, USB-A/C, U Disk, Wifi-2.4G/5G

    Software Supported:LightBurn/LaserGRBL/AlgoLaser App

    File Format Supported:JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, etc.

    System Supported:Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Web-based

    Warranty:12 Months

    20 Reasons to Own AlgoLaser Delta 22W

    1.Simple operationNo need to connect the cell phone and computer, no need for LightBurn and LaserGRBL, direct original carving.

    Smarter and simpler human-computer interaction, 3.5-inch capacitive screen to control the machine and realize multi-function operation.

    2.Support offline batch cutting:(G-code file, NC file) video - batch carving with thickness works, Instant picture engraving

    3. The second generation of COS technology:Theuse of polarization combined light mode, smaller spot, higher energy density.

    Spot size: 0.08*0.07mm 33% Power / 0.16*0.14mm 100% Power

    4.Support color engraving:Multi-knife can cut the maximum thickness: 45mm Black Acrylic, 20mm Basswood Plywood, 12mm MDF

    5.Maximum thickness of one cut(30mm Pinewood / 10mm Acrylic / 12mm Plywood / 8.5mm Bamboo / 5mm MDF / 0.1mm Stainless Steel)

    6.More than the same industry:25000mm/min universal engraving speed

    7.More powerful motherboard:Chip dual CPU quad-core drive. Motherboard support: 8MB - running memory 16MB storage memory built-in 32GB SD card

    8.Support LightBurn G-code Cluster modeWifi 5G - uploaded to the machine through the App file, load the file speed increased by 80%, more stable

    9.Delta loading time10 secondsOthers loading time: 180 seconds

    10.Self-developed firmwareOTA (Over the Air) support for upgrading, can be upgraded through OTA, SD card, more possibilities (customized development of commercial application scenarios)

    11. Intimate machine pre-assembly:No need for cumbersome installation process, easy to start the laser engraving journey.

    12.Integrated air pump:The air pump to realize linkage control, according to the engraving or cutting mode, automatic identification of the wind, control air volume. Standard integrated air pump, all-in-one cutting and carving, restore the clean picture.

    13.10 safety features:Machine 7 safety protection: machine offset detection and protection, machine tilt detection and protection, USB connection detection and protection, current, voltage detection and protection, emergency stop switch, key lock, temperaturedetection.ntelligent laser module:Lens dirty detection, flame detection, out of gas detection

    14.Spring-loaded mechanical focus:Innovative patented design, one-second rebound, no damage to the carving surface

    15.Interactive RGB lighting:New visual experience, carving progress, as much as possible in control

    16.New material nylon roller7 * 24h non-stop non-destructive operation, life is 5 times the ordinary roller

    17.Laser fixture:Revolutionary self-developed fixture, goodbye to the single-point fixture, more stable and more at ease.

    18.Emergency stop switch:Light prompts the work status, operation without worry

    19.Totally enclosed body frame:More protection, dustproof, beautiful

    20.Support a rich ecology of accessories:Compatible with a variety of machines to meet your diverse needs.

    Support 40W laser, YRC, YRR, Intelligent Z-axis, dust box, heightening feet, engraving platform, support 40W 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


    Additional information


    Alpha 22W, Delta 22W

    Ships From

    United States, spain, CHINA, cz, Russian Federation, brazil, Mexico


    Free Air Pump

    Is Smart Device


    Model Number




    Brand Name



    Mainland China

    Laser Luminous Power


    Laser Electric Power


    Laser Spot Size

    0.16*0.14mm 100% Power 0.06*0.05mm 3% Power

    Focal Length


    Max Engraving Speed


    Movement Speed


    Alpha Working Area


    Delta Working Area


    Air Pump Output Volume


    Connection Method

    TF Card, USB-A/C, U Disk, Wifi-2.4G/5G

    Software Supported

    LightBurn/LaserGRBL/AlgoLaser App

    File Format Supported

    JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, etc.

    System Supported

    Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Web-based


    12 Months